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Praise for The Bros. Landreth

Leave it to a group of Canadians to dish up some of the best Southern-style blues we wolfed down all weekend. […] quiet storm of slide guitar solos, blue notes, three-part harmonies and a spot-on cover of Wings' "Let Me Roll It." This wasn't really a set that made you sweat. Instead, it was a set that made you sway, delivered by four Manitobans who understand that in blues music, it's all about the swagger, not the speed.”

Andrew Leahy - Rolling Stone

“Absolutely brilliant.”

Bob Harris - BBC Radio 2

"(Bob Harris) could not have said it any better."

Relix Magazine

“(The Bros. Landreth) blew us away with their soul and precision...  both of their instrumental and vocal chops were top flight...  In a live setting, they're just jaw dropping.”

Craig Havighurst- Music City Roots

“It sounds almost like a '90s country dance-hall standard, if Little Feat and John Hiatt had been '90s country stars."

Country Weekly 

"Put Govt. Mule and Little Feat in a blender, add 2 shots of Patron, and a splash of good ol' leaded gas an' you got some Bros. Landreth.”

Bruce Ladan - CBC


“The Bros. Landreth put on a performance that made you swell with Prairie pride and hope to God that they continue with this project for a long time.”


"Yes, we know we’re harping on this band of brothers — and we’ll give it a rest after this — but we don’t want you to miss out on musicians who capture the attention of critics at Billboard, CMT and beyond, thus proving they were no Americana Music Association flash in the pan. Consider this your last call to see a band on the path to hitting it big."

Nancy Dunham - The Washington Times

“The pretentious among us will certainly find elements of the Allmans, CCR, possibly Ry Cooder and maybe Little Feat in here; perhaps even The Band.  But, The Bros. Landreth take all of those influences and move them on into the Americana stratosphere to create a sound that itself will be imitated before the end of 2015.”

No Depression - Album Review

“Colour them contenders.”

Kerry Doole -

“...gorgeous harmonies, bluegrass and bluesy instrumentation and songs that seem immediately familiar.  They're going places.  You can hang your hat on it”

Joe Reinartz - Pollstar Magazine 

”...a rock band whose style could easily be called "Americana" if they weren't from the Great White North.  It's a blend of roots rock perfect for open plains and evenings in a cabin"


Hi-Res Vertical    credit: Joey Visser

Hi-Res Vertical 

credit: Joey Visser

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Hi-Res Horizontal 

credit: Joey Visser