Short story long...

Salut les amis,

Things have been running very smoothly here with the Bros. Landreth. After our wonderful house concert at Jake's place on Sunday, we headed back to Calgary for a day off with our friend Liz and a lovely BBQ with my brother and his family. We found time to go through Liz's tickle trunk and try on an impressive array of weird costumes. We settled on fake, polyester tattoo sleeves, except Dave, he's not a team player. Later on in the evening after a couple of beers, we got into Liz's boyfriend, Danger's, collection of Papua New Guinean penis gourds called Koteka. Finally, we experimented with an authentic blow dart gun on Ryan's butt. He's a team player.

Tuesday, back to work. Picked up Rammy from the shop in Medicine Hat (our 89' Ram Van) and motored on over to Twin Butte for an intimate set at the General Store. Such a butte-tiful part of this country (had to do it). Jeny and Phil, who run the place, offered up some outstanding hospitality in the form of mexican food and a pretty place to stay.

6:30 am, Wednesday morning we took the musician red eye drive to Jasper to play at the Olive Bistro and Filia Hotel. We have been spoiled with food on this inaugural tour and the eats at Olive were no exception. Delectable, home-cooked, gourmet fare. The show went wonderfully and we met some new friends, Donna and Ray, avid gardeners. Jasper rules.

Off to Shirley De Vooght's Never Never Land ranch (Serenity Performing Arts Centre) in Birch Island, BC. No phone reception and undeniably one of the most beautiful places we've all been to. Shirley doted on us so graciously with hearty meals and exuberance. Her cheesecakes and mulled wine can start wars. We played to a small but mighty audience in the living room. Pretty much every person who attended the show brought their dogs. I've actually dubbed this tour, the 'Dog Tour' because there has been some quirky, awesome dog at nearly every venue, hotel or friend's place we've been to. A dog a day…means a lot of dags! Shirley is now one of our best friends. Needless to say, we'll be back.

We didn't have too far to go on Friday and we had the night off due to our Pentincton venue having to close its doors a few weeks prior. C'est dommage. So we burned off some cheesecake and vodka by planting a maple tree at Serenity and tossing around a disc that is now 80% duct tape. We stayed at my brother and sister in law's 5 star bed and breakfast outside of Penticton. They just closed the business for bigger and better things but the Apache style, mountain view infrastructure is still in place, far too decadent for a bunch of greasy hippies. A big thanks to Mark and Helen and wee Duncan. Muah!

Kelowna bound on saturday. We played the Streaming Cafe to a packed house and very competent, welcoming staff. This place was really up on technology, they streamed the entire show over the radio and online live, then had Streaming Cafe's twitter feed on a flat screen TV. This meant we could see people who were listening to the show all over the place tweeting kind things while we played. We were almost torn about who to acknowledge, our audience or the twitter world. Kidding of course, we've worked hard on our live show, nothing beats an uncomfortably full room, full of the most supportive and generous people, strangers in fact, giving a total crap about us. We've come close to crying near every night on this Dog Tour. Bunch of babies. After our show we stayed at Botega's Tribe House, a sprawling band house and arts centre just outside Kelowna. We also checked out the recording studio, complete with a $145,000 Steinway grand piano. No bigs. We each filled our respective diapers.

Currently we're en route to Vancouver, running a little behind because Joey realized he left his wallet at our friend Niko and Ingrid's house, when we were pretty much out of the city. He's off the team.

This being my first blog ever, I want to take this opportunity to extend my personal and formal gratitude to everyone that has been supporting us. So much love, it makes 4 guys feel really, really good. I feel like this is the best place I've been in my life in some time. Damn.