Tour update from Rhino!

Hi friends!

It has been an eventful few first days on tour with the Landreth clan. We got off to a bit of rough start, as our beloved Dodge Ram van "Rammy Davis Jr" bit the dust on us 200ish kms from Calgary. The transmission went on us, so we had to leave Rammy with a mechanic in Medicine Hat. Its a pricy fix, but oh well, shit does happen! We've spent the past few days in a rental cargo-van with only two seats: Alex and I have been napping in sleeping bags on the floor of said van. He likes to cuddle me in his sleep, and I like to slap his loving hands away before he gets me in his death-grip of cuddly affection. Tour life! Fortunately, Rammy will be back in our possession early tomorrow morning.

We have had some wonderful shows, and some great responses. We spent yesterday at "Jake's place" in Calgary doing a house-concert. Lovely folks, a beautiful home, and an indoor trampoline! I spent some time playing "princesses" with the 4 year old female resident of the home. I kept wondering when the princesses were gonna pick up weapons, jump in their spaceships, and start fighting the way my lego characters used to. It seems princesses prefer to hug, kiss, dance and get married to princes. The lack of conflict was confusing. Girls are so weird.

Truly though, the first few days have been exciting. It has been wonderful to meet new people, and get our music in the heads and hands of people outside Winnipeg. I think I speak for all of us when I say that we feel very fortunate to have the love and support of small and mighty crowds across western Canada. I look forward to what the next few weeks will bring!