On the road again (for the first time)!

Today we are letting anyone who may be interested know that 1) we are going on a tour of Western Canada in September and 2) we are hopefully coming to a town near you.

Being a musician on tour is a whacky thing and we share kinship with the troubadours, gypsies, and minstrels. I've been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to travel a small sliver of the world playing some beautiful music written by some incredibly talented artists. Canada, America, England, France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, Australia... Romi Mayes, Chris Carmichael, Cindy Doire, Imaginary Cities... 

This time, I must admit, it feels a little different. The idea of heading out into the world with a van full of CDs that we made OURSELVES is something really special. There is a disconnect when you're performing music that you didn't play a hand in creating. It is it's own special experience, however, lending your voice to someone else's art... but it feels more like baby-sitting your nephew than giving birth. This time we've got boxes full of little carboard babies that we all had a part bringing into this world. Kicking and screaming. Cool.

We've worked hard over the last 6 months booking this, our first tour of our own. Seeking out, finding, and connecting with generous venues and hosts who are willing to extend their kindness and welcome us into their clubs, their bars, and their homes so that we can play this music that we care so much about. These people are the ones who take the real chances. They lose money night after night while and make huge selfless commitments to help build the careers of all of us unheard musicians. Shouldering the risk so that we can set out into the wild and try and make a name for ourselves. My hats off to all of em'.

The dates are below and they are in the calendar part of our website with more details and such. It's going to be a hell of a good run and we are going to enjoy seeing some old friends and making a bunch of new ones. 

Lotsa love,


P.S. If you have some couches to sleep on or room on the floor, let us know, we always appreciate being able to stay with friends!

Let it Lie CD Release Tour (Part 1 AKA 'Westward Bound')

09/05 The West End Cultural Center - Winnipeg, MB

09/09 Cornell Farms - Devlin, ON 

09/13 Wine-Ohs - Calgary, AB

09/14 The Black Dog Freehouse - Edmonton, AB

09/14 The ARTery - Edmonton, AB

09/15 Joe's Place - Calgary, AB

09/18 Olive Bistro - Jasper, AB

09/19 Serenity Music - Birch Island, BC

09/21 Streaming Cafe - Kelowna, BC

09/22 Cafe Deux Soleils - Vancouver, BC

09/23 The Railway Club - Vancouver, BC

09/26 The Ironwood - Calgary, AB

09/27 The Root - Lloydminster, SK

09/28 Village Guitars - Saskatoon, SK