Tour Update from Rhino: The Great Rygration

We're about a week into the eastern leg of our Let It Lie CD release tour. Yippie!

The tour did begin little dismally, as tours often do. Dave, Alex and I drove straight to Mississauga from Winnipeg. (Joey got to stay home in Winnipeg to take care of some "unfinished business." I'll let you fill in the blanks on that one.) The drive was twenty four hours of smelly, uncomfortable travel. We do love our van Rammy, but I'm not sure we love her quite that much. That said, the ensuing days were far more pleasant!

Our first weekend was spent at FMO, the Folk Music Ontario showcasing event. We played seven gigs over the course of the weekend: Two full-band showcases, and five hotel-room acoustic shows. At twenty minutes each, the shows were short but sweet. We met new folks, made new friends, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Thanks to Tamara Kater of Folk Music Canada, Sound Strategy, Manitoba Music and everyone at FMO for a wonderful experience!

After FMO we headed into Toronto where we met our host for the next few weeks: Jen Earl. Jen is a kind human who has opened her home up to us, and we can't thank her enough! Laundry, a fridge to use, and the original Super Mario games on Nintendo. What more could a bunch of hairy guys ask for?

On Monday evening we played one of Toronto's more notable honky tonks, The Cameron House. We were pleased to find ourselves playing to a wonderful group of friends, some old, some new. Thanks to everyone who joined us!

All in all, the first week out here has been a good one. It feels great to be out and about experiencing the growing pains that every infant band experiences, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.